Емерсон Процес Мениджмънт Румъния , СП. ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ РЕВЮ - брой 1, 2016

РЕКЛАМНА ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ Емерсон Процес Мениджмънт Румъния

Overfilling containers by a milligram or two doesn’t seem like much, until you add it up.
I need a way to hit fill targets all day, every day.


Meet filling specifications all day, every day without wasting a drop.
Emerson’s Micro Motion® Coriolis high-speed filling meters deliver pinpoint control and unmatched accuracy so you will never overfill or underfill again. With digital communications, integrated valve control, and real-time quality control data, your process will be transformed with measurement accuracy and speed. Upgrade your technology and overflow with success, go to www.EmersonProcess.com/Filling or call +359 2 962 94 20

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