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The Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) provides a well understood, widely deployed and accepted way to accurately determine precise location. Quectel’s wide range of ultra-compact, low power and highly accurate modules offer standard precision, high precision including RTK, precise timing and dead reckoning solutions for applications such as tracking, ADAS and self-driving, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), shared economy and smart agriculture.


Full Coverage Positioning Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning (DR) technology fuses GNSS and INS sensor together to provide a continuous high accuracy position. Using this technology, the GNSS receiver provides accurate position & time to the navigation system as long as the reception signals are good, once the reception signals are poor the INS sensor will continue to provide the information till the reception signals are improved. Based on this technology, device can get full coverage positioning or navigation even in parking garages, tunnels, and urban canyons.


Dual band Benefits

The modulation of L 5 /E 5 a GNSS signals combined with L 1 /E 1 C/A signals, enables multiband receivers to achieve improved accuracy and better multipath rejection, as well as better interference immunity than only with L 1 /B 1 /E 1 alone These refinements are key for navigation in dense urban canyon environments.


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