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Кселекс, СП. ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ РЕВЮ - Брой 6, 2010


It is the first premium-efficiency pump in the world. Reliability of the ABS EffeX range of submersible sewage pumps starts with built-in IE3 premium-efficiency motors. These give the major advantage of lower operating temperatures (NEMA Class A) along with reducing the need for cooling, considerably improving the bearing environment and reducing wear on the stator. It is also possible to operate smaller motors without any cooling. Add to this an increased bearing design life, reduced shaft deflection and increased shaft fatigue safety factors and you have a highly robust and reliable submersible motor design. Our long-term reliability gives you: 2009AP001en1 – www.pyramid.se • Reduced risk of pollution from overflows • Reduced risks of interruption of customer services • Reduced breakdown costs • Reduced tankering costs • Reduced maintenance costs Everything considered, the ABS EffeX range of submersible sewage pumps offers you the highest performance for this product class. Now you can make the right choice if you want to be first... ...or more importantly, the first choice if you want to be right! Visit www.ABSEffeX.com for the full picture and to request a demonstration. КСЕЛЕКС ООД, 1612 София, жк. Лагера, бл. 26, вх. 2, тел.: 02/866 60 60, факс: 02/963 42 51, GSM: 0888 26 96 62, e-mail: xelex@techno-link.com Представителство: Варна 9000, тел.: 052/482 446, факс: 052/482 147