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Wuerth Elektronik, СП. ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ РЕВЮ - брой 8, 2021


Tailored to
your needs.
Custom & Standard
Terminal Blocks

Wurth Elektronik Terminal Blocks
In addition to a portfolio of more than 2000 standard articles, Wurth Elektronik offers various possibilities
to tailor the products to your specifi c requirements. Personalized modifi cations of standard terminal blocks
are available for small to medium quantities within a few days as a special service. Fully customized
prod ucts in high quantities are possible within a few weeks. In house design, tooling and prototyping
ensures all customer specifi c requirements are met.

For further information, please visit: www.we-online.com/TBL

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• Highly customized products
• Over 2000 standard articles
• Available from stock without MOQ
• Personalized modifications of
standard parts for small quantities
• Fast delivery
• Color & printing possibilities with
MOQ for mass production