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Йокогава България - клон България, СП. ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ РЕВЮ - Брой 6, 2010

РЕКЛАМНА ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ Йокогава България - клон България

Yokogawa Total Automation Solution Temperature Transmitters (YTA) Differential Pressure Transmiter (DPharp EJX series) Vortex Flowmeters (digital YEWFLO series) Magnetic Flowmeter (ADMAG AXF series) Advanced Valve Positioner (YVP) pH Transmitter (PH202) Conductivty Transmitter (SC201/ISC22) Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter (DO202) Averaging Converter (AV550G) Foundation fieldbus H1 Provides segment design tools to support the work. Facilitates design and engineering by maintaining data consistency with engineering tools. Provides an off-line engineering environment in which design can be carried out without target field devices. Offers training programs. A high-quality and high-reliability Fieldbus system through add-on of Fieldbus technologies in the industry-proven CENTRUM system. CENTRUM control systems have a system availability of 99.99999% (seven 9s), which means a failure rate of once per 4,5000 years. ALF11, Filedbus communication module that supports dual-redundant configuration. Multi-Variable field devices. Examples: Updrades devices by software downloading. Device revision upgrading can be achieved without involving any on-site work, enabling devices to be loaded with the latest diagnostic functions. Suppoers FF883 Specification, Class 1. An EJX series pressure/differential pressure transmitter measures differential pressure and static pressure. A digital YEWFLO series vortex flowmeter measures flow and temperature.