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Кселекс, СП. ИНЖЕНЕРИНГ РЕВЮ - Брой 3, 2010


It is the first premium-efficiency pump in the world. And its exceptional long-term reliability is another good reason to choose it The excellent rag handling capability combined with the outstanding solids passage of our ABS EfleX range of submersible sewage pumps give you the lowest blockage on the market. Other major performance benefits are: -Long-term reliability -Greater energy saving -Future – proof design -Sustainable in manufacturing and operation Now you can make the right choice if you want to be first... ... or more importantly, the first choice if you want to be right! КСЕЛЕКС ООД тел.: 02/866 60 60, факс: 02/963 42 51 GSM: 0888 26 96 62, e-mail: xelex@techno-link.com